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Igor Alexandrovich Petunin was born in 1959 in Yoshkar-Ola City. He has graduated the painters-decora tors courses at Kirov Culture Palace. Since 1988 his works appear at the city and foreign art exhibitions. His pictures are in private collections of Germany, USA, Sweden, Italy, Japan.

There are the painters about whom we can tell: «He has found himself». Usually they possess their own easily known hand. We can relate Igor Petunin to such painters. The originality of this master consists not in the repetition of the past but rather in the permanent search ol new subjects and themes and penetration into profundity of their matter. This way is never easy and fast. The apparent simple and natural image as well as virtuosity of technical methods are result of the long work. During five years the author works on the marines. Being fascinated by the works of I. K. Aivasovsky and A. I. Kuengy he paints the sea element first calm and peaceful then sincerely thrilling.

The moon-light illumines with its warm lights running waves, sea-gulls soaring over water touch it nearly with their pinions, sails of heeling sco-oners are drawn — all are imbued with salt sea breathing («Golden night», «Ships», «Moon silver strings»). Petunin can express his feelings and ideas born by admiration of sea element beauty, bring them to other people exciting reciprocal joy in the heart.

The nature pictured by the painter is dear to man, it is full of particular lyricism and tender charm. How many beautiful states the author reveals and brings to the spectator treshness of his feelings, charm of the places seeming to be plain, hardly catched moments stood as if only for him.

The morning mist is spread over lake village huts, sun-light struggles through the slight haze of clouds and humid air light up the golden birch trunks. All that gives rise to the single image, is composed into one general picture narrating about beauty of native land («Birchs», «Morning at lake», «Summer night»). He loves the hours of silence in the nature when the wind calms down, water mirror is hardened. Probably just in these hours he talks with the nature. It is no coincidance that appear the landscapes bound just with this poetic silence («Divine silence», «Outskirts»).

The work of Igor Petunin is still in the active making and development. But by now it excites interest and respect, joyful and bright feeling.

I. Glinkina

The list of personal exhibitions:

  • 1984 year, August, St.-Petersburg; Abrasive factory "Ilich";
  • 1986 year, May, St.-Petersburg; Abrasive factory "Ilich";
  • 1993 year, April-May, St.-Petersburg; Museum Kirov`s, Kamenooctrovskiy av. 26;
  • 1996 year, January, Yoshkar-Ola; Museum modern Art;
  • 1997 year, Mach-April, Yoshkar-Ola; MRMT;
  • 2001 year, Mach, Severomorsk; Museum of a History;
  • 2001 year, December, St.-Petersburg; The children's central library, Industrial av. 15.

Modular Exhibition:

  • 1979 year, September, Yoshkar-Ola; Palace of trade unions;
  • 1983 year, May, St.-Petersburg; Abrasive factory "Ilich";
  • 1988 year, April, St.-Petersburg; Arena.
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